Helping out the LPG community

What is Home LPG Prices about?

Our goal is to help other people in the LPG community find out what others are paying so that they can get an understanding of:

  • Whether they’re paying a fair price with their current LPG provider or not.
  • What the best deal they can get is before signing up to an LPG provider for the first time.
  • How LPG providers vary their pricing with different customers over time

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Crowdsourcing for fairness and reliability

How does Home LPG Prices work?

Home LPG Prices works through crowdsourced pricing. We believe that sharing prices within the LPG community is the most effective way to ensure customers are paying a fair price and aren’t getting ripped off by LPG providers who don’t publicise their pricing.

LPG suppliers frequently change prices without notification. That is why it is so important for you to


So the way that we help is:

Comparing 45kg LPG prices

What can I do once I realise I can get a better 45kg gas bottle price?

Many people within the LPG community pay far too much compared to other LPG users who receive the exact same product and service for a lower 45kg price. After joining Home LPG Prices, if you realise you are one of those people who is paying too much for your 45kg gas bottles, you have a couple of options

  • Ask for a price amendment from your supplier

    Call your current LPG provider and let them know that through the Home LPG Prices website you’ve found out that other customers are getting a better deal. Most providers will lower your pricing straight away, as they will not want to lose customers. They are desperate to retain as many customers as possible.

  • Switch to a more fairly priced supplier

    If your LPG provider doesn’t amend your pricing, you can always just change suppliers. With the knowledge from Home LPG prices, you will know who to call and what to expect.. Changing LPG providers is a quick and easy process, considering there are usually no contracts.

Most LPG suppliers will return your old bottles for you, so you don’t even need to call your old supplier, unless you are due a refund.


Why do prices vary so much?

LPG prices vary from customer to customer, even with the same supplier. This even happens between customers who live on the same street, using the same LPG supplier. The reasons behind this are:

  • LPG providers have very low introductory prices to attract first time customers
  • Prices of LPG increase over time the longer the customer is with a provider, meaning long term customers frequently end up paying the most

Loyalty is not typically rewarded.