Who is Home LPG Prices?

I decided to create Home LPG Prices after years of watching the industry follow some pricing practices that just didn’t seem fair to me. The majors never published their pricing so customers were kept in the dark.

I felt that transparency was the key to fair pricing so that is what I set out to achieve with this website. I believe in the old saying that “knowledge is power”. This website is meant to empower you!

Users contribute their information. The website lets you see who their supplier is, how much they pay for gas, how much they pay for rent (service charge), how they rate their supplier and what promotions they received, if any.

This is a totally FREE service.

Initially the displayed results may be a bit limited but that will change greatly in a short time period, as more people sign up and share their prices. You can help by sharing the link with your friends on Facebook and Instagram: www.home-lpg-prices.com.au

Please use the Contact Us page if you have any problems, ideas or suggestions.